Monthly Archives: November 2013

Something I have discovered in life.  Humans are never satisfied!  What made me say that? Well last week and all through spring here in Australia, we have had lots of warm weather so that it felt like Summer.  Suddenly, over the weekend, storm clouds appeared above the horizon. We held our breath hoping it would lead to rain. t did! We jumped for joy as the rain bucketed down. No hand watering for a few days! We watched as the lawns and gardens turned their heads up the Heavens as if to thank God for the cooling rains which will help the plants to get established and grow.  Colourful blooms are appearing. White gardenias. purple bougainvillea, and pink azaleas whilst the daisies which have been struggling are now giving birth to so many little buds.  As I watched the glowing red sun sinking into the western sky this evening I marvelled again at just how beautiful a creation we have been blessed with. 

It was a hot sticky afternoon.  Too hot for housework, but I diligently (and slowly)I  kept on until the vacuuming was finished.  I was trying to convince myself that I’d done enough; that it was too hot to dust. But my conscience thought otherwise. Why is it that every time you decide to flout a tradition or do something different, the old conscience comes to the for?!  Slowly I began to dust the tops of the bookshelves. We have lots of shelves so this was not going to be a quick job. I put on the fan and began to dust.  All of a sudden I felt an object behind my dustcloth.  I had nothing on that shelf but dust..or so I thought.  Out came the step ladder and I climbed up to see what it was, hoping fervently it wasn’t a cockroach or a mouse!  It was hubby’s little micro drill which he had left up there weeks ago and forgotten where he had put it!  The battery was very flat by now, but suddenly, energy came to the fore as I raced outside to not only show my find to hubby but to ‘tease’ him about his lapse of memory.  We both had a good laugh and I learned a lesson – we females have intuition plus and I need to be grateful for mine!