Super Tree , Super Bush or what?

Since retiring mid last year, I have become a keen gardener.  Hubby diligently built two raised garden beds in our back yard. We were embarking on organic vegetable growing!  All went well, soil was prepared, seeds were planted and we waited for the result.  Kale flourished. Spinach continues to produce. And then came the eggplants. We noticed this plant growing at a spectacular rate.  The marker had disappeared and we had forgotten what we had planted.  The ‘thing’ began to grow. We got excited!  And then we saw it.  a small eggplant!  Some time  later, this ‘plant’ has almost taken over half of the first garden bed.  Anyone who calls is presented with an eggplant.  As amazed as we were over the taking over effect this plant had, we were to receive another surprise.  The tomatoes, little cherry ones, began to shoot. They grew. And grew. And grew!  AT first we were excited, but now this has become a ‘monstrosity’, difficult to find the little bunches of tomatoes – which are prolific, but the growth of the vine is so rapid that one has to almost don an army outfit to do battle with the vines.  It keeps growing due to the recent heavy rainfalls, so reluctantly yesterday I marched out with the clipper in order to reduce the vine and give the clusters of tomatoes hidden in the dense growth, a chance to breathe and get the sun which had been predicted for today.  Hubby did not have the courage to assist. These were his little babies and whilst he had to fight his way through the jungle he was reluctant to remove even the vines with no flowers.  Following the ‘clipping; I collected myriads of tomatoes and we are finding delightful new ways to eat them.  We have learned a great lesson. to research how big a plant will grow and how far it will spread!   Amazing what one little seed can produce. 

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