lonely times

One minute I was smiling, holding hands with my hubby.  The next thing he was gone.  As suddenly as a cold snap on a warm summer day, my hero, my best mate had died.  The shock still lingers but in between the bouts of grief and aching heart, I am noticing myself changing.  


Death is not only cruel in that it snatches your loved ones out of your arms, but it forces me to look at myself. To discover who I really am when on my own.  It is an interesting, sad, and at times lonely feeling, and yet underneath it, what keeps me going is wondering who I will finally decide to be…I will keep you posted. 

2 thoughts on “lonely times

  1. You will always be you, we are granted a personality and genetic structure over which we have limited control. But vision and ambition are things to be continually cultivated and we do have much more scope. You have both and will emerge a strong and even more useful person from this terrible event.

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